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Partnering with Sand & Sky

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Partnering with Sand & Sky
You may have already seen ads for their Pink Clay mask everywhere on social media. Sand & Sky really put Australian beauty on the map this year and their millennial pink clay mask is truly iconic.

We've always loved their products since they first launched and admired the way that Sarah and Emily Hamilton (co-founders) had grown their
 brand. From conception to launch - it was so interesting to see the intricacies of developing a global skincare brand, you can only imagine the delight we felt when they reached out to Makeup Fridge for a giveaway collaboration.

Makeup Fridge had just launched in January of 2019 and when Sand & Sky wanted to partner with us a month later, to say the least, we were in shock and completely humbled. We've always been really focused on developing a product that people would love, engaging in the skincare community and listening to our customers was a #1 priority.

Sand & Sky really took notice of our passion to grow Makeup Fridge into something amazing and we were thrilled when they mentioned being fans of our brand. It was a goal of ours to partner with skincare brands that we knew our customers would love to try, so when Sand & Sky reached out I knew it was a perfect match.

After posting our first giveaway, I instantly knew it would be a pivotal moment for Makeup Fridge. There were over 8,000 entries and our customers were thrilled about the collaboration, our social media presence had grown overnight. I never could have dreamed of a better collaboration opportunity and I am so excited for the future of Makeup Fridge and for everyone to see the new products and amazing projects that we're working on next.

To check out Sand and Sky's famous Pink Clay mask and learn more about their products, head over to 

Written by: Founder, Makeup Fridge - Ilona