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We're Makeup Fridge. We aspire to make cold skincare a part of everyone's daily beauty routine. Designing products with cosmetics in mind is totally our thing — plus, who doesn't love a cold face mask?

Face mask & chill.

Tighten pores, calm angry breakouts and reduce facial puffiness - experience the difference of cold skincare.

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"For the beauty-lover who wants all their products organized perfectly and stored safely, this fridge is the ultimate gift. It also helps your products last longer, and the cooling effect is perfect for those puffy-eye products after party nights."

Lisa Sugar, founder and president, POPSUGAR

Glow Recipe has teamed up with Makeup Fridge to launch a limited-edition skin care refrigerator, and yes, it's basically the most adorable thing on the planet.


Take your skincare routine to a new level.

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