BUZZFEED - 36 Products To Try In 2021

"A makeup fridge to keep your favorite skincare products and rollers at a deliciously chilled temperature and make your morning and nighttime skincare routines all the more luxe — and make your products last longer."

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POPSUGAR - Editors' Gift Guide

"For the beauty-lover who wants all their products organized perfectly and stored safely, this fridge is the ultimate gift. It also helps your products last longer, and the cooling effect is perfect for those puffy-eye products after party nights." — Lisa Sugar, founder and president, POPSUGAR

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TOWN&COUNTRY - The 6 Best Skincare Fridges—And Why You Need Them

Give your favorite elixirs a good chill.

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BYRDIE - The 11 Best Skincare Fridges of 2021

Add a pretty pop of pink to your desk with this [Makeup] fridge. The compact design means you won’t have trouble fitting this mini fridge on your desk. You can even remove the shelves to create more storage room for small products.

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REFINERY29 - The Best K-Beauty Gifts For The Skin-Care Lover In Your Life

Okay, you're officially the coolest aunt/friend/sister ever. Who wouldn't be surprised and delighted to unwrap a pink mini fridge stocked with Glow Recipe's full Watermelon Glow line? (We won't judge if you keep it for yourself, either.)

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Glow Recipe has teamed up with Makeup Fridge to launch a limited-edition skin care refrigerator, and yes, it's basically the most adorable thing on the planet. If you're already a fan of the K-beauty skin care brand, you likely know that its watermelon-based products are some of its most well-known items.

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E! News

"It keeps all of your face necessities nice and cool - if you have a jade roller - it's the best! In the morning it's how I wake up"