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Glow Recipe Makeup Fridge (Limited Edition Kit)

Glow Recipe Makeup Fridge (Limited Edition Kit)

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Ready to get your GLOW on?

Introducing the newest Glow Recipe Makeup Fridge, a limited edition kit that includes 3 products from the Watermelon Glow line from Glow Recipe and a limited edition Purple Makeup Fridge ($161 value)

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"For the beauty-lover who wants all their products organized perfectly and stored safely, this fridge is the ultimate gift. It also helps your products last longer, and the cooling effect is perfect for those puffy-eye products after party nights."

- Lisa Sugar, founder and president | POPSUGAR


Introducing Makeup Fridge, your ultimate skincare companion! ✨

Designed to keep your beauty products fresh and your skin glowing. Say goodbye to seperated creams and spoiled serums — with Makeup Fridge, your skincare stash stays cool.

Experience the luxury of chilled skincare as you pamper yourself with refreshing face masks, soothing eye creams, and rejuvenating serums. Using Makeup Fridge each morning will have you feeling like you're at the spa!

Crafted with premium materials and thermoelectric technology, Makeup Fridge is more than just a storage solution — it's a statement piece for your vanity. Compact yet spacious, sleek and quiet, it's the perfect addition to your beauty arsenal.

Transform your skincare routine into a refreshing ritual with Makeup Fridge.

What's Included

— 1 x Makeup Fridge
— 1 x AC Adapter
— 1 x Car Adapter
— 1 x User Manual
— 1 x Sticker Sheet
— 1 x PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner (40ml)
— 1 x Pink Juice Moisturizer (25ml)
— 1 x Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask (80ml)


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Thousands of people start their day with Makeup Fridge


Benefits of Cold Skincare

De-puffs eyebags

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Reduces Inflammation

Tightens pores

Soothes breakouts

Brightens skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Julia Foster
I’m sooooo in Love 😍

I have wanted one of these mini beauty fridges now for some time. I could never quite find the one that spoke to me — until I saw this one!!! Wow, wow. So, so, wow!!!!! It’s soooooooo cute, adorable and girly!! I’m 43 and I love it!!! I should also add that I am obsessed with the Glow Recipe line of skincare products!! When I say obsessed I mean obsessed!! Lol. Not only do you get this super cute mini fridge (ON SALE) but you ALSO get THREE, yes three of Glow Recipe’s BEST SELLING products!!! Winner winner chicken dinner!!!! You just cannot go wrong!!! Oh and did I mention the adorable stickers that’s included too? So you can dec out your new beauty fridge!!!! Also, the customer service is absolutely phenomenal!! I had a few queries before my purchases and they responded every so quickly, which was much appreciated!!! Shipping speed was excellent!! I placed the order on a Sunday and received in Wednesday morning!!!! #Sooo sooo happy with this purchase!!! … I might need to buy one more … one on my vanity and one in my master bedroom 😉 … I almost forgot! This has a darling side shelf to hold your jade roller or sheet masks too!!! This is definitely a must have if you prefer certain beauty products cold, for example eye cream!!! Just go … order one now!! At this price It’s a steal of a deal!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Super mini fridge, will not hold many items. If you do not try new skin care products and use the same routine then this may be able to hold your items. This is not ideal for someone who has toners, serums, sunscreen, moisturizers, skincare tools, masks, etc. Had to reach out twice to customer service regarding returning the item to receive a reply sales are final.

Love it!

The fridge works so well and looks so cute. It’s completely worth everything and the Glow Recipe collab is a dream. I put sheetmask and my lip balm inside to get a nice refreshed look anytime. My skin is happier for it.

love this gift!

i received this for christmas and i absolutely love this product! it works so well and it’s ADORABLE. i love that it came with the stickers and the products from glow recipe. will totally recommend to others

love this gift!

i received this for christmas and i absolutely love this product! it works so well and it’s ADORABLE. i love that it came with the stickers and the products from glow recipe. will totally recommend to others

  • @glowwithmar

    I've been using my Makeup Fridge for about a year now and it's the best way to store all your skincare goods.

  • @skincarebyshawn

    Ever tried cold skincare? Let me tell you, ITS A GAME CHANGER. 🤩

  • @itsvaleriahawit

    The first thing I like to use in the morning is my eye balm. Keeping it cool in my Makeup Fridge and using it everyday is the best thing you can do if you wake up with a puffy face.

  • @_jess.skincare

    I didn’t realize what a luxury it would be to conveniently apply a cold face mist, face mask and serum onto my face. Makes me feel real boujee💁🏻‍♀️


    Makeup Fridge is perfect to keep eye patches, depuffing eye creams and yes, even moisturizers nice and cool 🤍

  • @glowyhunny

    It has been a nice self care treat to put skincare products in my Makeup Fridge, especially in this hot weather.

  • @skincareandsaving

    I really enjoy the convenience! Instead of taking those extra steps to my regular fridge, I can roll over from my bed and reach for my jade roller every morning. The fan is quiet enough that it doesn’t disturb me while I’m sleeping.

  • @diaryoftiffy

    It’s compact, portable and looks so cute on my vanity, and the most important part is Makeup Fridge saved me trips to my kitchen fridge to get my Cryo Roller every morning.

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